Sorry, horror fans. The upcoming horror “documentary” Poughkeepsie Tapes has been pushed back from its February 8 release date to an undetermined date sometime in 2008,. The movie, directed by the Dowdle brothers, purports to be a collection of tapes that documented one serial killer’s ritual slayings. After years they’ve been found and are being brought to the world.

Studios delay movies all the day for all different reasons, so it’s hard to speculate on exactly what made them ditch this one. February isn’t typically a very competitive time, so it seems like a good time debut a non-Saw or Hostel horror movie, but maybe they think they have something that could succeed in the summer or fall marketplace. On the other hand, there’s been bad buzz online from a handful of festival screenings, so maybe they’re trying to let people forget about it for a while before springing it on an unsuspecting public.

All I have to say is “yawn.” Another day, another attempt at a megabuck Saw-like franchise. Wake me when we get to horror that doesn’t involve dismemberment.

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