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Hold onto your skin, horror fans, and prepare yourself for more rotting flesh horror as two new Cabin Fever movies just got picked up for production. Whether you want it or not (we don’t), you’ll get to return to the series created by Eli Roth and starring Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong two more times before you’ll be able to properly forget these films exist.

Indomina Group is planning on filming both films back to back early next year, and if we had to guess the turn around on these isn’t going to be long so you can expect them by the end of the year, maybe even Halloween time. But maybe between now and then the company will realize what bad movies the first two Cabin Fevers were and will back away from the whole deal. Here’s hoping.

The first film, titled Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, will be penned by Jake Wade Wall, whose minimal writing experience includes two classic horror remakes, The Hitcher and When a Stranger Calls; neither is anything to write home about, but they could be worse. The story will follow a cruise liner that crashes into an abandoned research vessel in the middle of the ocean. Obviously, the vessel houses some sort of virus that starts eating peoples’ skin, and the survivors must find a way off the ship before they get infected.

Cabin Fever: Outbreak is a totally different story, chronicling a doctor and his family that go to a remote island to investigate a mysterious flu, and then realize there’s a flesh eating virus that they must prevent from leaving the island and avoid contracting themselves. This one will be written by Adam and Deborah Marcus who are responsible for Jason Goes To Hell.

So to clarify, one movie will be about a flesh-eating virus on a boat, and the other will be about a flesh-eating virus on an island. Making both of these movies certainly sounds necessary...I’m sorry, I just can’t say that with a straight face. The press release claims these films are getting made because there is outcry from fans of the original film that just want to see more of this sort of horror movie, but somehow I think they’re stretching the truth a little bit on that one.

Regardless, for now you can expect to see these movies sometime next year, or you can get a sneak peek today if you just rent one of the original films. They’re not going to be any different.

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