Prometheus Actress Spills Plot Details To A European Tabloid?

A thin air of mystery still hangs over Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, though you just know the internet is going to do everything in its power to eliminate that before the film’s June 8 release date. Despite Scott’s insistence, the first official trailer carried a lot more than just the DNA of Alien. And what of those Space Jockey suits in that photo still of Noomi Rapace from the other day? Now a co-star of Scott’s sci-fi epic is spilling a few spoilerish plot details, so proceed at your own risk!.

Seriously, avoid this if you want to go into Prometheus with a blank slate.

Still here? OK, so Scottish actress Kate Dickie spoke to the tabloids about her role in Scott’s film. And since those rags can’t be take too seriously, we need to swallow this news (via with the requisite dash of rumor “salt.” But she confirms that the plot takes a team of scientists – including Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Rapace -- to the deepest corners of our universe when they uncover a hint to humanity’s start. Dickie says it’s her character, Mudow’s, responsibility to help awaken the crew from cryogenic sleep (after the long journey), and that things start to go horribly wrong when skeletal, alien monsters start hunting the crew through the chambers of their ship, Prometheus.

The article suggests that the ending of this film will lead into the beginning of Alien, which many of us could have guessed. Are these actual facts or is a tabloid making educated guesses to help sell magazines? Like I said, this isn’t game-changing knowledge. But Dickie, by speaking to the press, could have sealed her fate when it comes to ever working with Scott again on a future project. We’ll see how accurate her statements are soon enough.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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