It seems like we're getting endless teaser versions of the Prometheus trailer in advance of what's gong to be the big splashy premiere of an IMAX trailer after the movie's panel at WonderCon today (Saturday). I honestly expected that to be the next thing for the film, but popping up online today is a gorgeous new teaser just over a minute long, containing lots of new footage and a message at the end to see the movie in IMAX. I have no idea if this is just a snippet of the IMAX trailer coming today, especially since this seems so perfect and self-contained as it is, but you've really got to watch it anyway.

Hey, that's Idris Elba speaking as the Captain, the first dialogue we've heard form him yet! And yes, that's the only dialogue we get in the entire trailer, but this is a true teaser, giving us glimpses of things and not overexplaning anything. The teasers for this film have been so gorgeous-- check out the original teaser if you don't know what I mean-- that it might almost be a disappointment seeing more from the film in a full trailer. The mystery is so effective right now; why ruin it with details?

I hope I'm wrong, of course, and that the trailer that shows up later today is just as intriguing and gorgeous as this is. Either way, Prometheus's trailer campaign thus far has been flawless, and it's got me far more excited than I ever anticipated for this new film in the Alien universe. We'll have the trailer for you later today, and the entire movie comes to theaters on June 8.

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