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Punisher: War Zone Sucks

Not so shocking news from the world of Punisher: The new movie sucks. At least that seems to be the opinion of writer Kurt Sutter, who had some small hand in rewriting it and has since had his name removed from the project.

Some of his reasons for wanting his name taken off Punisher: War Zone had to do with how little work he’d actually done on the final script, but some of them also had to do with the quality of the final product which he describes on his blog as “dry and formulaic”. Or more specifically he says, “the story was simple and the dialog was very obvious”. Funny, that sounds a lot like the last awful Punisher movie.

Kurt Sutter could of course be wrong, or bitter that his vision for the movie isn’t what they ended up using. And after making the above comments and getting a response from people, he does seem to do a lot of backpedaling. But it’s Punisher. Isn’t crappy pretty much what we’ve all come to expect from this character anyway? It’d be a surprise if Punisher: War Zone didn’t suck.

He finishes his comments by saying, “I just want this movie to come out, do well... and go away. We've all been punished enough.” I agree, though I wouldn’t bet on it doing well.