Imagine for a moment that you could see the dead. As extraordinary as this talent would at first appear, once you got used to ghosts popping out of the woodwork or lingering around your lawn, it would probably become something less thrilling and more routine. As to what others would think of your strange skill, some would probably decide you're crazy, but others would be eager to enlist your help. Like with any other skill set—be it baking, home repair, or giving great haircuts—your friends would expect you to eagerly help them with favors, like communicating with beloved but departed loved ones.

That is precisely the predicament young Norman finds himself in below. In the latest clip from Laika Entertainment's ambitious stop-motion epic ParaNorman, this ghost-seeing misfit (voiced by Let Me In's Kodi Smit-McPhee) is helping his pudgy best friend Neil (voiced by Tucker Albrizzi) reconnect with his deceased dog, who apparently in life loved to chase cars. Check it out below, or in hi-res at Apple.

Blending comedy and horror to create a spooky family-friendly adventure ParaNorman enlists a voice cast that includes Anna Kendrick, Leslie Mann Christopher Mintz-Plasse, John Goodman, and Casey Affleck to tell the story of a boy with peculiar powers who must use them to save his town from an evil witch's curse. After being warned by a ghost, Norman and his reluctant posse of friends and family must band together to defeat zombies and bring an end to an ancient plan for vengeance.

ParaNorman creeps into theaters August 17th. For more on the film, including behind-the-scenes vids and trailer, check out our Blend Film Database..

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