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The early months of the calendar year are typically where major studios dump all of their less-than-stellar material, believing that it has no chance during the highly competitive seasons, but in 2014 we are getting a special treat. One of the best modern American filmmakers, Wes Anderson, is releasing the eighth feature of his career, and instead of making us wait months and months for it, Fox Searchlight will be bringing the movie to screens in early March. We can't wait to see what the madcap writer/director has in store for us this time, and today Apple brings us our first extended look in the form of a new clip - which you can watch above.

The Grand Budapest Hotel cast list is completely packed with big name actor, including Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Tinda Swinton, and Harvey Keitel, but this clip implies the real star of the show is newcomer Tony Revolori. The story in the film is shown through his character's eyes as he begins a new job working at the titular hotel alongside M. Gustave, the famous concierge. This clip seems to provide an origin for the character's name, as Revolori is credited as "Zero Moustafa." It's unclear if it's his real name or just a made up one.

The film is set in Europe in the 1930s and follows Gustave and Zero as they get caught up in a crazy story involve a rich woman's death, an affair, a valuable painting, and a bunch of pissed off would-be heirs. Anderson co-wrote the screenplay with Hugo Guinness, a long time acquaintance of the director's who previously provided the voice of Nathan Bunce in the stop-motion animated Fantastic Mr. Fox and was the artist behind Eli Cash's paintings in The Royal Tenenbaums. The Grand Budapest Hotel, however, is his first screenwriting job.

The film will be in theaters on March 7th, and to get yourself better equated with both the story and long list of characters be sure to watch both of the previously released trailers below.

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