Rambo 5 Coming, Rambo 4 Trailer Wednesday

Now that Rambo IV has a name (they’ve finally settled on simply calling it Rambo), it’s time for a trailer. We've heard that they'll have it online as early as next week. The plan is for the first official trailer to show up on Yahoo this coming Wednesday, and then for the same trailer to debut in theaters this coming Friday in front of Saw IV.

Apparently, executives are pretty happy with what they’ve seen because one of our anonymous scoopers has heard from deep inside Nu Image films that Stallone is already in negotiations with them to do a fifth Rambo film. The movie would come as part of a two-picture package deal. Rambo V would be one of the movies, the other would be the Stallone written and directed film Poe, which is supposed to start shooting this spring.

Poe is Stallone’s long-gestating script about the life of disturbed writer Edgar Allan Poe. At one point Robert Downey Jr. was rumored to be his choice for the leading role, with Sly staying behind the camera.

For Rambo V, the rumor is that Stallone wants to use an alternative script he wrote for Rambo IV, which involves Rambo’s daughter being kidnapped by cult leaders.

Until there’s some kind of official announcement though, consider it conjecture. Even if there really is a fifth Rambo in the works, odds are its future will depend almost entirely on how well the next Rambo does at the box office this January.

Josh Tyler