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There’s been talk of this, almost since Rambo 4 last year, and now it looks like Rambo 5 is for real. Variety says the fifth installment has been greenlit, with our man Sly both directing and starring, as he did on the last one.

As rumored last year the fifth installment sends Rambo to Mexico where he’ll knock some sense into those out of control human traffickers and drug lords. Presumably, like everyone else in the country, he’ll eventually get tired of trying to clean things up and just sneak across the border to the United States instead, where he’ll urge the government to build a bigger fence. Hey, I wonder where Rambo stands on legalizing pot?

Here’s the weird thing about Rambo: Even though he’s a quintessentially American character, no one in America really cares about him anymore. The fourth movie performed well overseas, enough to get the fifth one done, but only grossed $42 million domestically. It’s hard to imagine there being more interest in a fifth one. Rambo will have to rely on the Mexicans whose ass he’s kicking in order to turn a profit.