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Jim Henson’s Muppets didn’t make their first movie until 1979 but they’d actually already been around for twenty-four years by then. Things weren’t always easy either and before showing up on PBS in 1969 with Sesame Street they didn’t really have a permanent place on screen. In a lot of ways they were sort of like a carnival sideshow, and Jim Henson was apparently gleefully delighted to market them that way.

The following amazing image is a vintage ad, published in the 60s in an effort to find people willing to book the Muppet characters…

Here's some of the Wilkins coffee commercials mentioned in the print advertisement as one of their chief claims to fame...

With another Muppet movie already on the way (maybe with Ricky Gervais in the lead) it seems like the right time to remember where they came from. When Jim Henson and his crew put this ad out, it was a time when The Muppets biggest claim to fame were a few momentary appearances on the Today show. Back in those days, Kermit wasn't even male…

Note the seam down the middle of Kermit’s face both in the video and on the print advertisement. One of Jim Henson’s biggest innovations was the “Henson Stitch”, which would, once he discovered it, remove those unsightly lines from the middle of his Muppets faces.

Note: We've been unable to track down where the above image originated. We first found it on IMGUR. If it's yours, let us know!

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