Read Guillermo Del Toro's Response To A Fan's Short Film

Guillermo del Toro is one of those rare directors that always keeps a channel open for his fans. Whether he's featured on a panel at a convention or moderating a screening, he loves to not only talk about his films, but great films in general. One tool that he has used to keep connected with his admirers is an email account where people can send him some of their own stuff for him to watch. If you're lucky, like one particular Reddit user, he'll even send you some notes on how you can fix it.

The aforementioned recently decided to send the Pan's Labyrinth director a short film that he had made and just 24 hours later sent him a response with this honest thoughts. The email, which you can see HERE, read as follows:

RE: When Parallel Lines MeetVeyr [sic] sweet little story. The short is very nimble and simple. The editing is, objectively, a little too loose- so the pacing is a bit off.Now, subjectively, The title is both too obvious and yet perhaps the only one possible...If you want, you could try pushing the “look” a little more and try to make your camera work a little less loose and more structured – IF that is a route you wanna try.But, all in all a well-rounded short.G

I understand that directors are extremely busy people, and that just makes this all the more incredible. Even more amazing, del Toro sent the email only three days after Comic Con where he was making the rounds promoting Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. It should also be noted that he is currently prepping for production on Pacific Rim and still has about a thousand other projects on his plate, yet he still took the time to watch this guy's short and provide him with notes. That's astonishing.

Eric Eisenberg
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