Read Quentin Tarantino's Heartfelt Letter To A 13-Year-Old Fan

Quentin Tarantino has been all over the place for various reasons (except for, you know, actually showing his next movie, Django Unchained). He’s part of the THR Director’s Roundtable for awards season. He’s teasing the soundtrack of original and reheated music for the Unchained soundtrack. And now he’s winning waves of new fans by sending adorable, passionate letters to teenaged admirers.

This one was shared on the Web site It was shared by a film fanatic named Sarah who, at the age of 13, wrote a letter praising QT as he was coming off of the vampire horror-comedy From Dusk ‘til Dawn. To her surprise, he wrote back a sloppy, loving, hand-written letter as well as a signed photograph from himself and his girlfriend at the time, Mira Sorvino. Here are the letters. Click the above link for the photos:

If you’ve ever seen one of Tarantino’s screenplays, you know that he handwrites everything, so a hand-written fan letter shouldn’t surprise you. He could have used a little Wite-Out, or maybe an eraser, instead of scribbling words out. But the sentiment is there, and you have to love his unbridled, “Rock on, Sarah!” And then the fact that he tries to encourage her film education by pointing her in the direction of Italian horror master Mario Bava? Pure genius.

That adoration for cinema, and that willingness to share the passion with his dedicated fanbase is the reason we always look forward to the next Tarantino picture. Now shows us Django, QT, because that Dec. 25 release date feels like months from now.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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