Read Steve Martin's Handwritten, Personal Response To A Fan

With the rise of twitter, reaching out to your favorite celebrity has become easier than ever. Back in the old days though, people used to write letters, and if you ever tried to write Bea Arthur to tell her how much you loved Maude, well odds are you didn’t get back the response you wanted. The truth is that even on twitter, famous people only have so much time, and they just can’t respond personally to every single person who contacts them.

That’s not true of Steve Martin. Though one of America’s most famous comedic minds, and the kind of guy who’s almost certainly deluged on a daily basis by truckloads of fan mail, he takes the time to respond to his fans with very personal letters. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

Roger Ebert managed to get a hold of one of Steve’s pieces of correspondence, and has reprinted it as part of his online journals (which should be required reading). The letter isn't new, it's been circulating around in the internet for awhile, but like me you probably missed it. It's so awesome, that it should not be missed. Here’s Steve’s personal reply to one of his many admirers:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why he's Steve Martin. What a guy.

Josh Tyler