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This morning, as part of his A.M. Awesome post, our own Will LeBlanc brought the Nicolas Cage Matrix to our attention. Balancing the insanity of Cage's performance by the actual quality of the film, it's amazing how all over the chart he can be. While it remains unknown how high Cage's next film, Drive Angry 3D, will rank, it would seem that it will be positioned quite far to the right.

IGN has posted a new red band trailer for the Patrick Lussier film, labeled as a "Not For Your Consideration" ad, and I can't help but think that this movie is going to be one seriously insane ride. In the film, Cage stars as a father who breaks out of hell to kill the cult leader who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.

Check out the trailer below.

The phrase "short but sweet" comes to mind. It's kind of hard to believe that this is only a 30 second spot, considering just how much they jam in there. Also, and I believe that I've said this before, but there's a very good chance that William Fitchner, who plays a demon hired by the devil to bring Nicolas Cage back, will steal the entire show with this one. Guess we'll have to wait until February 25 to find out.

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