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Nicolas Cage is a huge comic book nerd. In fact his stage name (he was born Nicolas Coppola) comes from the Marvel comics character Luke Cage a.k.a. Power Man. Cage even once owned a copy of Action Comics #1 - the first comic book to feature the character of Superman - and it was eventually recovered, at one point the comic was actually stolen (it was eventually discovered in an abandoned Southern California storage locker last year and sold for a record $2.1 million at auction). Nobody knows exactly what happened or how the the comic went missing, but comedy writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon are taking a whack at it.

According to THR, the Reno 911! stars have written a script called Action No. 1 about the theft and Lionsgate has picked it up for development. Set in 2000, the story will follow a group of "nerds" as they hatch a plan to steal Cage's copy of the book. The trade says that the script was written with the idea that Nicolas Cage would star as himself - or at least a version of himself - but says that the actor's involvement is "unlikely." In a strange twist, they also say that Jason Statham's name has been brought up in connection with the project, but he isn't attached and it is unknown what part he would play. Lennon and Garant's writing credits include Night at the Museum (as well as its sequel), Balls of Fury, Taxi and The Pacifier.

If Cage doesn't end up participating I really hope it's because of scheduling as oppose to personal feelings about the project. The actor has occasionally been known to have a sense of humor about himself - such as when he said he wants to make a Japan-set Wicker Man sequel where he plays a ghost - and this could give him a great chance to do just that. Knowing how much other crap he associates his name with, it would be a shame if he were to turn this one down just because he would be playing himself.

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