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Richard Jenkins, the actor known for making just about everything he's in better no matter how small his part, is about to work his magic opposite Tom Cruise. Variety reports that the veteran actor has signed on to join One Shot, the sniper drama and adaptation of Lee Childs's book starring the character Jack Reacher. Cruise is playing Reacher, of course, but Jenkins has a pretty substantial role as the district attorney responsible for prosecuting the person accused of the sniper attacks.

You may remember that Rosamund Pike is also set to play the district attorney (and Cruise's love interest), and that's no mistake-- Jenkins is playing her father, so they've got some kind of family legal legacy going on. The actor has always been pretty much everywhere throughout his long, long career, but he seems all the more visible since his Oscar nomination for The Visitor in 2008-- this year alone he's been in Friends WIth Benefits and Hall Pass, and will appear in The Rum Diary before the year is over. LIke I said, he's a worthwhile addition to pretty much anything-- if I were Tom Cruise I'd be worried about Jenkins stealing the movie out from under me.

One Shot still remains a tricky prospect not only as a new starring vehicle for Cruise-- who, aside from how good Mission: Impossible 4 looks, seems to be a little past his prime as a leading man-- but as an adaptation of a series of books with a loyal fan base who didn't seem to want Cruise as the star. But Christopher McQuarrie, who is directing, seems like a smart enough guy to bring something interesting to what sounds like a standard thriller plot. I mean, if he's smart enough to cast Jenkins, he must have something up his sleeve.