Despite the fact that the movie has been in production for months now, Zack Snyder' Man of Steel added a brand new cast member earlier this week. Reports said that Richard Schiff, who is best known for playing Toby Ziegler on Aaron Sorkin's long-running series The West Wing, had been enlisted to play a character named Dr. Hamilton, though the story was a bit light on details about the character. The wide assumption was that he would be playing Dr. Emil Hamilton, who, since 1987, has been both an ally to Superman and a villain. But is the assumption true? If so, which side will the character be playing for in Man of Steel? These are questions we are all wondering, and I Am Rogue recently had the chance to sit down with him and ask.

First, it looks as though Schiff will indeed be playing Dr. Emil Hamilton, but what's unclear is if he will actually have any connection to the comic book character or be a complete reinvention. Trying to be coy and not reveal too much, Schiff said, " I am not allowed to say but I will allow people to draw their own conclusions. They obviously have the same first and last name, so they can draw their own conclusions. I want to live up to the promise to not reveal anything I’m not allowed to reveal." Because the character only came about rather recently, the actor says that he hasn't had a chance to look at Hamilton's history in the comics. He did site that different mediums, be it TV or comics, have treated the character different, so it's somewhat up to interpretation.

Schiff is also not yet revealing what team he is playing for, but he did say that, "a lot of people react when they see [him] and say, 'I don’t know whether to love you or hate you.'" The actor has already filmed some of his scenes and will be retuning to set in a couple weeks. He has already had the chance to work with Amy Adams and Christopher Meloni and says that he will have scenes with Henry Cavill, who plays the titular Kryptonian hero. Describing working with Zack Snyder, Schiff said, "He is fantastic. That guy is just an upbeat happy guy."

Man of Steel will be arriving in a theater near you on June 14, 2013. For more information about the movie, be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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