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Carl Erik Rinisch is a name you'll only recognize if you were following the ridiculous back-and-forth that occurred when Fox wanted to make a new Alien movie only if Ridley Scott directed it, and Scott wanted to hand it off to his son-in-law Rinisch. Eventually they threw enough money at Sir Ridley to get him to come back anyway, and Rinisch was left as an experienced commercials director with sweet connections but no project to call his own.

No longer! Variety reports that Universal Pictures has picked Rinisch to direct 47 Ronin, a samurai epic that will star Keanu Reeves, because his dad was part-Chinese and therefore, somehow, that makes him qualified to play a Japanese warrior? They're apparently retooling the script so that it makes sense for a not-Japanese guy to be leading a samurai team, which is pretty much exactly what happened in The Last Samurai. At least it's not Tom Cruise wielding a sword this time.