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Before reading any further you should probably know this: Robert Rodriguez is long on promises, short on delivery. He talks a lot about all the incredible movie projects he wants to make but, all too rarely do they ever actually happen. Usually he just does another Spy Kids movie instead of that challenging sci-fi film he promised to do. Or that Sin City sequel he’s been promising to do forever, and is now promising to do again.

The difference here is that for once, he’s actually put some sort of timeline on it. Right now Rodriguez is working on a fourth Spy Kids movie which almost no one but him wants to see, but when that’s over, he’s now promising he’ll get to work on Sin City 2. The Playlist picked up his promise from a Facebook live chat earlier this afternoon. Even if he’s willing though, this is a project fraught with peril since, it doesn’t rely only on him.

Frank Miller co-directed the first movie (though if you’ve seen The Spirit you’re probably ready to give Rodriguez most of the credit) and it seems like there’s simply no way to shake him loose from the sequel. Though he’s always denied it, there have been indications in the past that after making the first Sin City Miller and Rodriguez had a falling out and since then, really don’t get along. But when asked about Sin City 2 Robert said, "Frank Miller and I are working on it." If there’s any friction, if Miller and he aren’t working quick enough, will he wait around and take the time to push the project forward? Nope. He says, "It's slated to be the next one, but if the script is not ready, then we'll have to move to the next one."

So he may think he’ll do it next, but don’t hold your breath. I took a quick look through our news archives and Rodriguez has promised Sin City 2 was just around the corner at least a dozen times since the first movie’s debut. Nothing has ever come of it. Besides, the window for another Sin City is sort of starting to close. It made a lot of sense a couple of years ago but it’s been more than five years since the first one was released and the actors involved have moved on to such completely different things it’s hard to imagine any of them coming back again. Mickey Rourke’s comeback started with Sin City when he played Marv, but now he’s the toast of Hollywood and probably doesn’t need it. I guess they could get Clive Owen and Rodriguez says he wants to bring back Bruce Willis as Hartigan even though his character died in the first one. His reasoning? Hartigan is "bad-ass".