How do you put Robocop through a field test? Drop him in a warehouse, tell him not to get shot in the face and then start firing, not necessarily in that order. This, according to the new clip from the upcoming Robocop remake. That description is probably a bit too vague to be accurate, technically. As the lab guy — presumably Dr. Dennett Norton, as the voice sounds like Gary Oldman — tells Alex at the start of the clip, the more-than-50 robots threatening him will actually try the maneuver him so that Mattox (Jackie Earle Haley) can get a clean shot. So there’s some major strategy involved here, which makes the scenario a bit more interesting. There are also consequences because, if he’s hit, everything but his life support will shut down. He’ll feel more pain than he’s ever experience. As Alex points out, he’s experienced a lot of pain. The very fact that he’s in that suit is evidence of that. Still, something tells me those lab guys know that, so Alex might want to give them the benefit of the doubt and not test the theory. Cue the rock music and let the shooting begin.

A remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film by the same name, Robocop is set in 2028 and stars Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy, a husband, father and cop who’s critically injured in the line of duty. Multinational conglomerate Omnicorp sees Alex’s ordeal as an opportunity to fuse man and machine, which would restore Alex to his job and also give this company the opportunity to get their technology on the streets in the U.S., a challenge they’ve been unable to surpass until that point. As the new clip shows us, Alex isn’t an indestructible and unstoppable monster machine. His suit has its vulnerabilities and he’s still able to experience unimaginable pain. That vulnerability certainly factors into the human side of this part-human/part-robot mashup, and I think that’s the side that could prove to be the most interesting. Also robot fights.

The latest clip, which comes from IGN, gives us a new look at Alex in action. It follows the recently released TV spot, which shows even more action, destruction and other possibly OmniCorp-sponsored mayhem.

Robocop is set to arrive in theaters February 12, just in time for Valentine’s day.

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