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Yesterday when Ron Howard updated everyone on the status of The Dark Tower here he remained positive about the project and seemed to indicate that it was still rolling ahead, albeit at a slower pace. I’m not sure what sort of pipeweed he was smoking, but it’s becoming increasingly likely that this view is untrue and that in fact, Dark Tower is headed for development hell.

Today alone Ron Howard has been confirmed to be in talks to direct two different projects. Earlier today we told you he’s considering an F1 racing drama called Rush. Now word comes from Deadline that he’s moving forward with a big screen adaptation of the Mad Magazine comic strip, Spy vs. Spy, of all things. Quite a step down in material from The Dark Tower, isn’t it Ron?

The same Deadline story insists that he’s still planning to turn in a rewrite of The Dark Tower, but as he gets busier and busier, you’ve got to wonder where Ron Howard’s priorities lie. Vulture seems to think the whole project is pretty much doomed. They hint that the reason we’re hearing Howard’s name suddenly involved in so many different projects all at once, is because word around Hollywood is that he’s about to be freed up from Dark Tower and so everyone’s going to him looking to bring him on board their project. That fits.

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