In the many, many years we've been promised an Arrested Development movie, Ron Howard has been just as bad as anybody else as swearing up and down that the movie was about to happen, while never being accountable when the project failed to materialize. But given creator Mitch Hurwitz's recent bombshell announcement about both the movie and a return to television, it seems safe to start listening to Howard again, since everyone else seems convinced it's really happening this time.

And just in time to be a font of wisdom yet again, Ron Howard visited G4's Attack of the Show and dropped a few details, including the fact that the mini-return to television is just to set up the necessary back story for the movie.Check out this clip in which he explains all:

So basically, the TV show is going to be the boring prequel part when you see everyone get to where they're supposed to be, and the movie is going to be when the Bluths are finally together again and making each others' lives miserable. The problem being, of course, that the Bluths are really only themselves when sitting in Lucille's living room or sprawling around the kitchen of the model home, getting in each others hair and doing stupid chicken dances. It sounds like they're saving all of that stuff-- i.e., the good stuff-- for the movie, which gets rid of my worry that the TV show would be worthwhile and the movie intolerable.

I'm still skeptical about this ever actually happening, as years of crying wolf ought to make a person. But if Ron Howard keeps giving candid interviews like this, we can at least dig out more details until they inevitably delay the whole thing again in a few months.

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