Now we’re talking. Now we’re kicking things into gear. Now we’re getting to what makes movies great. Some excellent stuff hitting the screens this week with Affleck freeing hostages, seven dudes going psycho, things getting sinister, and Kevin James doing MMA. Well...three out of four ain’t bad.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

Let’s be honest for a second and just call this movie what it is: an excuse for Ben Affleck to get back to wearing late 70’s garb a la his greatest role ever, O’bannion in Dazed and Confused. That’s what sparked his interest in starring in and directing the tale of the “Canadian Caper” right? The chance to throw on some wide-collared shirts, a polyester suit or two, a less-than-trimmed beard and head back to the worst fashion time period in our country’s history. (And that includes s#$% like this.

Affleck had a rough early Two Thousand Aughts, chucking out less than stellar work like Paycheck (27%), Daredevil (45%), and Surviving Christmas (7%).* But the late Aughts and early Ten’s (is that what we’re calling them?) have been a resurgence. Give me some directing in Gone Baby Gone (94%). Maybe little directing and starring in The Town (94%). And now Argo is sitting pretty at, you guessed it, 94% through almost twenty reviews.

*This is just a short list for my man Big Ben. 2002-2005 was a decent-sized critical bloodbath for the dude.

** The word “rough” here is, of course, relative. During this early part of the decade he did date Gwyneth Paltrow and J-Lo, married Jennifer Garner, quit drinking and smoking, had a couple of kids and made a ton of money. But his movies were terrible so we can call the early part of the decade right about even for the guy right?

Argo is the story of CIA operative Tony Mendez (Affleck) throwing up the smokescreen of all smokescreens in exfiltrating Americans from rebellion and “We hate the Infidels” culture in Iran by having them pose as a Canadian film crew. It’d sound nuts if it weren’t true (and it still sounds nuts). Throw in some early Oscar Buzz, a stellar cast, more wide collars than you can handle, and you’ve got another winner for O’bannion. For fun I’ll keep the score consistent with Affleck’s other work. The Rotten Watch for Argo is 94%

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