As we head into Thanksgiving and prepare our mind and body to consume a metric ton of free range turkey and organic mashed potatoes, let’s stop and reflect on the movie world for just a moment. For we can’t fill our stomachs if we don’t fill our cinematically-driven minds first. So let’s take a look at this week’s movies and then get down to business on Thursday pounding down 4-5k worth of calories. This week we’re heading to the nativity and back to the homefront.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

Because I think this flick looks fairly entertaining and I generally like the two major players (Jason Statham and James Franco) I’m willing to ignore a few glaring problems presented in the first few moments of the trailer. First, the idea that an English-accented Statham is somehow a retired DEA agent seems a bit like a casting-over-reality situation. I don’t suspect the Narcos are too terribly inclined to hire British nationals to work undercover against drug traffickers (I could be wrong about this, but I doubt it). Additionally, a fair bit of the plot mechanics seem to hinge on a preteen boy kicking the crap out of a girl on the playground. Again, this kind of thing isn’t impossible, though I suspect it isn’t likely. Once we move past those two (minor, but obvious) plot holes we can get into a movie that looks right up my alley.

While there doesn’t appear to be any new ground covered here (ex-cop runs into the local crime scene, must protect his daughter) there’s no ignoring that this is essentially the same thing Statham does in every single movie. He punches, kicks, shoots and wisecracks his way to justice. It’s his wheelhouse and he churns out respectable, though not universally critically-acclaimed films. That’s fine. I’d venture a guess that Statham enjoys staying in his lane as long as the checks come rolling in. The big day will be when we see Statham as like a cancer survivor or in a rom-com. Now that’d be news!

But until that day comes, he’s in another blow-em-up action vehicle though here, the supporting cast is a notch above his other work (Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, Chuck Zito!) and the director Gary Fleder has a few above average flicks under his belt in The Express (61%) and Runaway Jury (72%). These signs point to a movie coming in just above average on the Tomatometer. So let’s ignore the Brit-DEA agent and boy-v-girl bullying and see a movie that Statham fans can sink their teeth into. The Rotten Watch for Homefront is 51%

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