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If there is one movie category the Rotten Watch has struggled with, it's horror films. My success with predictions seems inversely proportional to the amount of blood, guts, shrieks, screams, and deaths in a flick. It happened last week with Paranormal Activity 2 and will no doubt occur again this week since Jigsaw is back for one last trip down agony lane.

Let's take a look at this Rotten Week.

Saw 3D

Here's an admission: I've never seen any installment in the Saw franchise. Haven't checked out one minute of the torture-fest. Have avoided the trials and tribulations of Jigsaw's victims. Refuse to sit down and witness a guy popping out his own eyeball or a girl with a bear trap in her mouth. To me, the world is an innocent and beautiful place, full of flowers and milkshakes. The Saw films jeopardize that wistfulness. It doesn't mean we can't figure out what critics will think anyway, and have a go at predicting their Tomatometer.

Saw 3D marks the seventh, and final, installment in the wildly successful franchise. How successful? Try about three quarters of a billion in box office revenue. Yep, billion. Not bad for a little guy who loves torturing people. Critically though, the Saw movies have never scored higher than 48% (Saw) and have gone as low as 13% (Saw V). The rest of the franchise falls somewhere in that range. I guess a majority of critics are like me, they enjoy life.

There's reason for optimism though in the Saw community. Kevin Greutert (Saw VI 42%) is back directing. Optimism here is a relative term of course. 42% for a normal movie is fairly dreadful. For the Saw movies it implies a return to greatness. And this one's in 3D so the guts can literally land in your lap Saw fans! The Rotten Watch for Saw 3D is 36%.

Saw 3D reviews


Where do you think Saw 3D will end up on the Tomatometer?

Recapping last week

Like I said at the top, scary just isn't my bag. Paranormal Activity 2 (Predicted 32% Actual 69%) cut short a nice little TomatoMeter prediction streak the Rotten Watch had going. I just thought there was no way a sequel in this franchise would get anywhere close to the original (82%). That was clearly a mistake. I need to remember that only I don't like scary movies, some other people really enjoy them.

Next week, Robby D. and Zach G. head out on a road trip, Tyler Perry is back with a chick flick and we get a star-studded voiceover cast to boot. It's going to be a Rotten Week!

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