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Rufus Sewell is the latest actor added to cast of Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost, an effects-driven adaptation of John Milton’s classic 17th-century poem detailing Adam and Eve’s betrayal of the Lord in the Garden of Eden, as well as their subsequent banishment from paradise. Released in 12 books, Milton’s story also incorporates Satan and a massive Biblical battle waged between the denizens of Heaven and Hell. Speaking to fans at San Diego Comic Con last summer, Proyas promised drama on an epic scale. Expectation are high.

According to a press release, Sewell will play Sammael, a renegade angel with six wings who was so jealous of man – being God’s chief creation – that he encourages a serpent to tempt Eve with the forbidden fruit. As legend goes, It was Sammael who spoke through the serpent’s mouth, coaxing Eve to touch a tree in the garden, eat of the apple, and commit humanity’s first sin. This also means, I suppose, that Sammael created parseltongue, so I guess we can thank him for that.

Proyas already has a relatively impressive cast lined up for Lost, which likely will be filmed in 3D. Bradley Cooper has been cast as Lucifer, himself. Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle have been rumored for the roles of Adam and Eve, while Casey Affleck, Dominic Purcell, Djimon Hounsou and Benjamin Walker have been hired to play archangels Gabriel, Jerahmeel, Abdiel and Michael, respectively.

Sewell appeared in Proyas’ Dark City. He recently was seen in The Tourist opposite Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. He’s also about to start work on All Things to All Men, and he has Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in the can and set to come out next year.