Two new clips from the upcoming Johnny Depp flick The Rum Diary demonstrate both the pros and cons of moving to Puerto Rico and embracing a booze-soaked hedonistic lifestyle. Based on the 1961 novel by Gonzo journalist (no, not Muppet Gonzo) Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary follows a reporter named Paul Kemp who abandons the New York of the Eisenhower era and does just that. The Rum Diary casts Depp as Kemp in a story based loosely on Thompson's own experiences in Puerto Rico. Taking a job on a small newspaper in San Juan, Kemp begins downing prodigious amounts of rum and soon falls for a local woman, played by Amber Heard.

In the first clip, we sample the good. Imagine yourself tearing ass down a gorgeous Puerto Rican highway, the wind in your hair, a beautiful blonde by your side. She rests her hand on your knee, capturing your complete attention, and begins to press down. The gas pedal lowers, the speedometer inches ever higher, the adrenaline races. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Should you ever find yourself in this situation, I have two words for you: situational awareness.

The Rum Diary isn't all fast cars and Amber Heard groping your leg, however. Sometimes, the fun takes a bad turn. Sometimes your intoxicating friends betray you. Sometimes you wake up with a ravaged hotel room. And sometimes this happens.

The Rum Diary opens on October 28th. You can find out more about it over in our Blend Film Database.

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