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Rupert Sanders To Direct Tom Cruise In The Van Helsing Reboot?

Rupert Sanders may not have gotten the critical praise he was looking for with Snow White and the Huntsman this past summer, but he certainly did bring in some big, big money at the box office - and studios just love a young director who can do just that. So it would make a ton of sense that Universal Pictures would reward Sanders' success by giving him another big tentpole picture to helm.

Twitch has learned from sources that Universal is considering and having talks with Sanders about potentially directing the upcoming Van Helsing reboot. Announced back in May, the project is being produced by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and has already hired Tom Cruise for the titular role. Apparently there's a strong possibility that Cruise will want to start production on the vampire hunter action movie once he has completed work on the new Doug Liman sci-fi movie All You Need Is Kill, which is currently filming. If Cruise is available that soon, that means Universal needs to lock down a director and who better than the guy who made a movie that pulled in $396 million at the global box office a couple months ago?

Obviously Sanders' name does carry a bit of baggage with it due to the Kristen Stewart controversy that came out this summer, but what do you think of him directing the next Van Helsing? He now has experience with mythical creatures and classic characters, but does is he ready for the ultimate vampire killer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Eric Eisenberg

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