Anybody who saw Duncan Jones's moody sci-fi film Moon knows that Sam Rockwell is more than capable of being the leading man in a film. But most people who know Rockwell's work know him from supporting roles, whether in Cowboys & Aliens or Iron Man 2 recently or in The Green Mile and Galaxy Quest much earlier in his career. Rockwell is one of those character actors you're always grateful to see, but it's hard not to root for him to get into the spotlight once in a while-- just to remind us exactly how talented he is.

Happily for his fans, Rockwell isn't opposed to starring roles from time to time, and he's taking on one next with A Single Shot, a thriller that includes a killer supporting cast to back him up. According to Deadline, William H. Macy, Jeffrey Wright, Jason Isaacs and Melissa Leo are among the actors who have joined the production, in which Rockwell stars as a poacher who winds up on the run from some killers with a suitcase full of cash in hand (you know, like happens to all of us). David M. Rosenthal, who previously made the indie Janie Jones is directing the adaptation of Matthew F. Jones's novel.

With indie productions you never quite know when you'll see the finished film, but with a cast like this it's hard to imagine they'll keep it hidden from us too long. Who knows how that many people will fit into the story, but the plot seems complicated enough that there will be plenty of room. let us know in the comments if you're a Sam Rockwell fan, and if you're looking forward to him finally getting his proper consideration as a leading man.

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