I have two pieces of excellent news that was just announced: 1) they're not remaking Clint Eastwood's amazing modern Western Unforgiven (yet) and 2) Scott Frank is getting more work.

According to Deadline, Frank has been hired by GK films to adapt and direct Unforgiven. Instead of bringing Will Munny, Little Bill Daggett and Ned Logan back to the screen, however, the new movie will instead be based on the 2009 British miniseries that featured the same name. Starring Suranne Jones, Emily Beecham and Matthew McNulty, the three-episode series was about a woman who killed two police officers as a teen and is released from jail as an adult and attempts find her sister, who had been adopted. But while she tries to live a quiet life, the two sons of one of the police officers is out for revenge. Christopher McQuarrie, best known for writing the Oscar winning script for The Usual Suspects, was hired to write a draft last year and then moved on to direct One Shot with Tom Cruise. At that time Angelina Jolie was going to star, but she was never formally attached to the project.

It's great to hear that Scott Frank will be getting another opportunity behind the camera. While his feature debut, The Lookout starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, didn't exactly blow up at the box office, it was a solid crime thriller with a fun, twisty plot. Let's also not ignore the fact that Frank also wrote Get Shorty, Out of Sight and Minority Report. Let's hope that this project moves quickly and they get a top-notch actress to star.

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