Scream 4 To Be The Only Horror Movie Not In 3D

Here’s an extremely strange notion: Not all movies need to be in 3D. No really. Some just don’t need it. The Wolfman for instance. Classic monster movie, trying for a retro-monster vibe. 3D would only get in the way. Also not going to be in 3D, Scream 4.

While every horror filmmaker on the planet rushes to slam their movie into the third dimension in a bandwagon attempt to duplicate The Final Destination’s success, writer Kevin Williamson says his sequel doesn’t need it. Talking to IESB he says, “I don't think Scream lends itself to a 3-D film. 3-D films are all about things being thrown at you. One of the things that Scream does is that it talks about those movies and sends them up, so actually putting in that device probably wouldn't work. I don't think it's an option. We're the movie that makes fun of it. I can imagine Stab being done in 3-D, but not Scream.”

I wonder if he’s seen Avatar? Or for that matter any 3-D movie made in the past three or four years? 3-D is long since past the “throw things at the audience” stage. Now it’s used to give movies more depth and dimension. Still, I think his point about Scream being a send-up of those other movies is valid here. 3-D would just get in the way of what they’re doing.

Josh Tyler