It’s been a little while since we served up some Scream 4 news, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a ton of action on the set. News outlets and paparazzi have caught an immense amount of the shooting through pictures and videos giving us peeks at stars Hayden Panettiere, Marielle Jaffe, Rory Culkin and much more. There’s certainly a ton of material floating around out there, so I’ve taken the liberty to sort through it all and pick out the best of the best.

The first item comes from director Wes Craven himself. A little over a week ago, Craven tweeted, “My crew was wondering what my cameo should be in #SCREAM4. Suggestions? No janitor, doctor or tourist.” You might recall catching a glimpse of Craven as Fred the janitor in Scream, a doctor in Scream 2 or a man with a video camera on a studio tour in Scream 3. Craven will keep the tradition alive and make an appearance in this new installment. His twitter followers submitted a slew of suggestions ranging from a schoolteacher to the actual killer, so you’ll really have to keep your eyes peeled; he could be anywhere.

An interesting piece from the folks over at Fox News in Detroit popped up and I don’t mean interesting in terms of plot revelations. This reporter seems to have a thing for Jaffe. In fact, the whole video is more of a fan boy-type report. He talks to some Courteney Cox-obsessed girl and a local stand in who enjoys namedropping. What makes this clip worth watching is the shots of the set. We get a glimpse of the Woodsboro Police Station, which is actually a parking lot and a quick peek at the fountain scene, a moment you might remember from the original Scream.

Speaking of that fountain scene, Before The Trailer has some great shots of Jaffe, Panettiere, Culkin and two guys, who I assume are Erik Knudsen and Nico Tortorella, practically reenacting that moment shared between Sidney and the gang in the first film. Well, minus the new generation’s leading lady. Emma Roberts is assumed to be the one leading us through this new trilogy, but she’s almost nowhere to be found in all of the spy videos and photos.

It’s more like Panettiere is the face of Scream 4. Not only is she in nearly every image, but she’s the only one talking to reporters. She took the time to chat with Access Hollywood about the script drama that cropped up when Lauren Graham and Lake Bell ditched. Back then, some source claimed Pantettiere’s role went from “really sharp” to “dumbed down” and that she wasn’t happy about it. But of course the actress had nothing but the best to say of the film when chatting with AH. She explained all of that was “very untrue and I love my character.” From there she babbles on about how great everyone on the set is. She continues to babbles in a video interview with MTV, which basically consists of a minute of stuttering and gushing.

I’ll wrap things up with a strange set of images from Bananadoc showing Woodsboro decorated with ghostface costumes. Okay, I get that the town is supposed to be obsessed with the murders, but don’t decoration imply celebration? If I were related to a Woodsboro murder victim I might be a little disgusted having to get a glimpse of my family member’s killer every time I walked down the block.

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