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The second, hilarious teaser for Jerry Seinfeld’s new animated film Bee Movie is here. Much like the first one, it starts out with Jerry on the set of a live action version of the movie being forced to act in a giant bee suit. But unlike the first one this one actually gets down to showing off some of the film’s animation when Steve Spielberg walks up and suggests: Why not just make it a cartoon?

They have, and here it comes. Watch teaser number 2 in terrible Yahoo streaming format (it’s the only version available) by clicking right here.

Two teasers in and we still haven’t seen any actual footage from the movie. Even the animation we got in this second one wasn’t film footage, but specialty stuff put together for the trailer. But with the movie so far off, who cares. Right now they’re marketing Jerry’s sense of humor, and that’s more than enough to get any audience hooked.