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We almost got to see Jupiter Ascending blow our minds with the latest creative vision of The Wachowskis this past summer. With a July release on the books for quite some time, Warner Bros was hoping to position the film for a summer blockbuster slot of success. Then Edge Of Tomorrow took longer to take off than expected and the film was delayed for the official reasoning of incomplete visual effects. But more than likely, it was Warner Bros making a decision out of business acumen to give Jupiter Ascending the boost it needs to make some much needed money.

If the new trailer released on Warner Bros' YouTube channel is any indication, then those visual effects will be more than ready for the film's February 6th release date. This is probably the crispest look at Jupiter Ascending's visuals that we've gotten so far, and better still we've got more story details and creatures to mull over! If this film lives up to the promise of Cloud Atlas or even the vastly overlooked and equally awesome Speed Racer, then at the very least their fans will have a film to treasure while the rest of the world loses out.

So as it turns out, Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is a sort of female version of the Superman mythos, living in a universe where The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy's bureaucracy had a kid with Game Of Thrones' political philosophy. Born to a royal family, and thought to be a reincarnation of a big wig from the past, Jupiter is at the top of the rival family's hit list. With her existence apparently being all that's standing between said family (led by Eddie Redmayne's vicious Balem) and a hostile takeover of Earth.

Good thing she has Channing Tatum's Caine on her side to protect her from all sorts of threats involving firepower, trickery, and lizard people. That's right, it's time for The Wachowski's to get weird again, and frankly Hollywood is better for it. Cloud Atlas is still an underrated masterpiece of The Wachowskis, and despite their films not being the blockbusters they once were, Warner Bros seems to still have a stellar relationship with them. With Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis bringing a fair amount of star power with their respective fandoms, as well as Sean Bean generating a serious amount of gravitas for the project, this film just might have a shot when it's released.

Jupiter Ascending will try to conquer Earth on February 6th in conventional and IMAX theaters. If you can land an IMAX screening, you should definitely try, as The Wachowskis rank up there with Christopher Nolan as the best filmmakers who understand the format.

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