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See The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman In New A Most Wanted Man Trailer

And here is our first look at A Most Wanted Man, one of the last films in the storied career of the great Philip Seymour Hoffman. The clip promises intrigue, mystery and suspense: given that the trailer plays up the story's writer John Le Carre and his previously adapted work Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and The Constant Gardener, it's pitched a lot like those, upscale, complex, adult thrillers.

Hoffman plays an intelligence operative in charge of an operation who has to put the screws on a Chechen rebel. This seedy individual attempts to claim a fortune in Germany, despite little to his name. The book is based on a real event that occurred regarding an innocent man who was held after 9/11 for suspected terrorist ties despite his innocence. Le Carre's story focuses more on the ties, hypothetical or otherwise, that these government agents have to larger economic interests.

Rachel McAdams, Daniel Bruhl, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe and Nina Hoss star in the film, which looks sleek and upsetting, as well as a stirring showcase for Hoffman and that intriguing accent he's trying out. Hoffman, one of the greatest of all time to the very last movie. It's the third film directed by Anton Corbijn, a sleek stylist who made his debut with the Joy Division drama Control, a stark black-and-white chronicle of Ian Curtis, a talented man who couldn't outrun his demons. He went more mainstream with the classy The American, where George Clooney proved to the world that a decaffeinated spy movie could go down just as easily. Below, catch a peek at Corbijn's other two films -- as well as a small snippet of his colorful music video career, courtesy of Metallica.

A Most Wanted Man hits theaters July 25th.