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Between This Is The End, Superbad and Neighbors, Seth Rogen has essentially built an army of fiercely funny folk. And quite a few of these are reassembling for a promising new comedy. It's like The Avengers, but with goofballs instead of superheroes.

Seth Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg's Point Grey Pictures are teaming up with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions and Joseph Drake's Good Universe to produce a new comedy from Ben Schwartz. If that name seems familiar, that'd be because this Emmy Award-winning writer has made a major mark on television playing the outlandish Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation.

The Untitled Ben Schwartz Project--as we'll refer to the film for now--was purchased at the pitch phase from these three comedy-crafting production companies. Step Brothers and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues director Adam McKay will helm the pic, while Seth Rogen is set to co-star with Ben Schwartz. While this is the base of an enticing comedy, none of the above are even hinting at what this movie will be about. However, McKay offered some choice words about its writer/star:
"Evan (Goldberg) and Seth (Rogen) have been doing amazing things and we’re so excited to work with them. Ben, not so much. Most of my problems with him are personal ones, but I have to give it up…he did come up with a great idea."

Further parodying the typical enthusiasm of such press releases, Rogen responded with this statement:
"Every two thousand years the planets of our galaxy align in a perfect line that funnels the cosmic energies of the universe to flow into one perfect comedic collaboration. The time is now. This is that project. Nothing will ever be the same."

Goldberg echoed his excitement:
"McKay and Schwartz are reeeeeeal smart, well-endowed guys and we couldn't be more excited to be working with them."

I'll be frank: I don't care what The Untitled Ben Schwartz Project is about; I'm in. Schwartz has a weird blend of observational and over the top, clever and crass humor that has made him a comedian to watch. This weekend, he's one of the best things about the star-stuffed comedy This is Where I Leave You, in which he plays a rabbi who tries to remain respectable while the family at the film's center regularly calls him by the childhood nickname "Boner." Coming to theaters later this year, we'll get a second dose of Schwartz when he plays a publicist in Seth Rogen's fast-approaching and already controversial comedy The Interview. Look for that at Christmas.

Ben Schwartz has also got irons firing behind the scenes, having previously sold pitches No Heart's Club and Would You Rather to Universal. Plus, he's at work on a Soapdish reboot for Paramount Pictures. So expect to hear a lot more about this kooky comedian very soon.

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