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While most seem to be expecting Sex and the City: The Movie to do fairly well, I don’t think anyone expects it to do as well at the box office as Indiana Jones. But maybe, just maybe, Sex and the City’s legions of female fans will surprise.

According to Movietickets.com, as of 1p.m. today 85% of the tickets sold through their site were pre-purchased tickets for the debut of Sex and the City: The Movie this weekend. What’s more, the number of tickets being sold for the film quadrupled between Monday and Tuesday. That’s a lot of tickets, in fact it’s an even higher percentage of tickets than they were selling last week for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Indy 4 went on to make $101 million, could Sex and the City surprise everyone, and break the $100 million barrier too?

One thing is for certain. If you’re a guy, this might be a good weekend to stay home and watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Put on your Wing Nut hat and send the wife out with her gal pals. If you’re a dude, you don’t want to be anywhere near a movie theater.