While pretty much everybody loves Disneyland to one degree or another, for some of us, love borders on obsession. Three of us in particular at CinemaBlend have been to Disneyland so many times that we've lost track. Jessica and Mack are both former Southern California residents who used to frequent the park regularly and still make a yearly pilgrimage back. While I live a few hundred miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth, I still make a point to get down there as often as possible, once a year is a minimum.

The three of us recently decided to compare notes on our favorite and not so favorite attractions at Disneyland. We've ranked every ride or show available at the park on a ten-point scale. Rides are ranked by the average score. In the case of a tie, a ride that receives a higher score from any one of us takes the higher spot, though some ties still remain when a ride gets three identical scores. Here's the definitive list, according to three Disneyland Superfans.

34. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Average Score: 1.33

The Submarine Voyage has been around for a very long time, and while it has seen multiple themes over the years, the most recent iteration sees guests taken through a Finding Nemo themed experience. The ride itself isn't all that bad, but the mechanics of it mean that loading and unloading the submarines tends to take forever. This means the ride frequently has a long line, which would be ok if the experience was worth it, but it's just not. Also, the boats are crowded and tend to get hot, which is awful in a Southern California summer.

33. Autopia

Average Score: 1.66

The greatest irony in all of Disneyland might be that a place called Tomorrowland houses an attraction where cars still run on gasoline. It feels like this attraction needs to be taken over by Tesla and refitted with electric vehicles. That would at least make the air easier to breathe, which would go a long way to making this ride more enjoyable. Also, if you've had to drive to Southern California to get to Disneyland, you're not likely to want to get behind the wheel of a car for a while.

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