Have you been tracking the movements of the upcoming drama Charlie Countryman? We first reported on its back in January, when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and it's largely fell off of our radar as the year has progressed, but a recent poster and this stunning new trailer suddenly have us anticipating a Shia LaBeouf movie for the first time in ages.

The preview dropped on Yahoo Movies and it’s loaded with favorable quotes from film-festival-attending critics heralding the directorial debut of Fredrik Bond as something to behold. The film, which is due in theaters (in limited release) on November 15th, casts the Transformers lead as a simple American who falls in love with a beautiful European (played by Evan Rachel Wood) after the girls father… dies while sitting next to Charlie on an airplane? Now there’s a cute-meet scenario we haven’t seen before.

This isn’t Once with LaBeouf, though. Things turn for the worse when it's reveals that Wood’s character happens to be the “property” of a crime boss. And that’s when the movie begins to more closely resemble Trainspotting, or a likeminded Guy Ritchie joint with equal parts drug ecstasy and bullet-slinging criminal activity.

Listen, I hear you. LaBeouf has turned you off completely. The former Transformers star went through a stretch where he truly was on top of the world. His co-stars included Michael Douglas (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), Anthony Hopkins (Bobby) and even Will Smith (I, Robot). Steven Spielberg thought enough of this kid’s raw talent to cast him as Indiana Jones’ son (!!) in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But LaBeouf has been quiet lately, averaging one movie a year as he works on various projects outside of the film community.

The new trailer clip sells me on the film completely. It looks like it has a bold, rough voice, with odd touches of romantic magic that was suggested in this previously released clip:


Even though reviews out of Sundance were mixed, I’m wondering if the director might have cleaned up some issues in additional edits, tightening the package. We’ll know soon. The movie starts hitting theaters next month and I’m feeling encouraged. The cast looks fantastic, with LaBeouf and Wood sharing screen with Melissa Leo, Mads Mikkelsen, Vincent D’Onofrio and Rupert “Weasley” Grint. Will you be buying a ticket when Charlie Countryman finally opens?

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