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Fans of Steven Soderbergh know that his films typically are more than they seem on the surface. Just last year he presented Haywire, which on its surface seemed like a slick spy thriller, but also offered a compelling and provocative discussion about gender biases in action movies and contemporary society. Then came Magic Mike, which based its trailers looked like it would be the perfect movie for girls night out, stacked with muscular men and a hot love story. Instead, Soderbergh offered a character drama that explored male friendship through the story of a multi-tasking and multi-talented entrepreneur.

With all this in mind, what can we expect behind his final theatrical release Side Effects? On its surface it appears to be a mystery centered on a young woman (Rooney Mara) whose behavior is in flux because of a new prescription drug prescribed by her psychologist (Jude Law). But what lies beneath? See if you can suss out any clues from the film's latest clip, viewable below courtesy of Yahoo:

In Side Effects, Mara stars as Emily Taylor, a graphic designer who is struggling with depression after her husband (Channing Tatum) is released from prison following a conviction for insider trading. In the clip above, the pair attempts to re-enter the high-flying social circles they were once well accustomed to, essentially attempting to fake it until they make it once more. However, we know from the newly unveiled international trailer dark times lie ahead.

Want to learn more about the movie's fictional drug Ablixa? Click here. For more on the movie, including images and more trailers, consult our Blend Movie Database.

Side Effects opens February 8th.

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