Sigourney Weaver Talks Ghostbusters III: Is Peter Venkman Dead?

The future of Ghostbusters III is basically a long-drawn out courtship from a sitcom at this point: we are constantly questioning whether or not it will all come together. Every few months one of the cast members pops up with a quote about the future of the project, but we haven't yet heard about an official release or production start date. Most recently, Dan Aykroyd was quoted saying that they are looking to start filming next spring and seemed to suggest that they may move forward without Bill Murray, who played Peter Venkman in the first two films. Today I had the chance to sit down in a one-on-one interview with Sigourney Weaver, who plays Dana Barrett in the franchise, and took the opportunity to ask about the project.

Leading in about Aykroyd's comments, I asked if she was anticipating a return to the franchise if it does end up getting started next year. "Well I guess Peter Venkman is dead," Weaver started. "Dana without… I guess his spectre always was with her, whether she liked it or not." Continuing about her hopes for the project, the actress seemed hesitant, but also hopeful about the movie. While she hasn't read the script, she has spoken with director Ivan Reitman and would look forward to getting the cast back together. "I think it would be wonderful if it all came together and we’ll see," she said. "Fingers crossed."

It's hard to say if she was simply repeating a story from back in 2009 when she said that Peter Venkman will appear as a ghost in the movie, or if she is talking about recent developments and Bill Murray sitting out entirely. Hell, she might even just repeating the same rumors we've all heard. It would be a devastating blow if Murray decides to sit the project out, but one must question if the movie can even happen if he's not involved. My full interview with Sigourney Weaver will be up next week, so stay tuned.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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