If you happened upon a large stash of money in the woods, what would you do with it? Your impulse might tell you to take it and run-- after all, nobody is guarding it, and nobody is there to see you take it, right? But if you've seen enough movies, you probably know that the money inevitably belongs to some terrifying gangsters, and no matter what problems you think the cash might solve, it's only going to create much bigger, much more violent ones down the road.

In the tradition of thrillers like No Country for Old Men and A Simple Plan, the newly release A Single Shot follows what happens when a hunter (Sam Rockwell) accidentally shoots a woman instead of the deer he's hunting, and happens upon a box of money near her body. William H. Macy plays the low-rent lawyer he hires to settle his divorce suit, but as you can see in this above clip, their lawyer-client relationship doesn't go so well. In a small town, it's hard to keep a secret as major as murder, much less stolen money, under your hat.

A Single Shot is now available to watch on-demand through iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu and Google Play, and as of this weekend it's in select theaters across the country-- you can click here for a full list of options. Below is the poster and trailer for the film, as well as the official synopsis. Let us know in the comments if you catch the film and what you think!

David M. Rosenthal's white-knuckle thriller starts with a bang: a single shot, aimed at a lone deer, that hits and kills a young woman. The hunter, John Moon (Sam Rockwell, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS), watches her die before discovering a box of money near her body. In a desperate panic, he takes the cash — hiring a low-rent lawyer (William H. Macy, FARGO) to fight his wife's (Kelly Reilly, FLIGHT) divorce suit — and attempts to cover up the killing. But when he discovers that the money belonged to a group of hardened criminals, the hunter becomes the hunted in this tense cat-and-mouse struggle in the backwoods of West Virginia.

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