Since its world premiere at the New York Film Festival last October, Spike Jonze's Her has been gathering all kinds of accolades. Now in limited release, the romantic drama about a man who falls for his computer has earned three Golden Globe nominations, praise from various critics circles, Top 10 List spots, and has already won AFI's Movie of the Year honor. But not everyone is impressed. In fact, Siri, the iPhone intelligent personal assistant, is downright snarky when it comes to Her's depiction of artificial intelligence.

Buzzfeed drew our attention to Siri's shade throwing with a series of screengrabs, some of which are viewable below. While critics and award season acolytes are debating whether Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the self-aware operating system Samantha is eligible and worthy of Best Actress nominations, Siri is unimpressed. Frankly, that's pretty amusing as she is the closest thing our world has to the kind of ultra-personal interactive tech set up in Her.

Siri Reviews Her

Siri Reviews Her

Siri Reviews Her

Siri Reviews Her

Written and directed by Jonze, Her centers on Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely divorcé who finds an unexpected connection with his new OS after an artificial life upgrade. The bubbly-voiced computer software names herself Samantha, and not long after she's organized his files, she becomes a friend and soon something more. Some have sneered at the film's central love story, claiming it's cold or unbelievable. It seems Siri is siding with them. She's got little patience for Samantha's charms, and seems pretty uninterested in finding a Theodore of her own.

Really, we shouldn't be surprised that Siri is so outspoken about Her. After all, she's clearly a fan of science fiction, having reviewed several sci-fi features from her unique perspective. Like these, those were fun…even if it did make us worry a bit that the time where machine overruns man is growing nigh!

Siri Reviews 2001

Her expands into wide release on January 10th, 2014.

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