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Despite not caring for his past couple of movies, Russell Crowe’s State of Play really intrigues me, or, at least, the clips and trailers I’ve seen do. How that winds up fitting together in the final movie is still to be determined, but I have yet to see footage from the movie that hasn’t made me want to see the picture.

The movie stars Crowe as an investigative reporter who winds up on a murder case that involves a congressmen friend, played by Ben Affleck. The movie is based on a BBC miniseries that is supposed to be quite good. That’s probably the only worry I have about how this story will turn out as a movie. BBC Miniseries changed into feature length American films haven’t always turned out for the best.

Check out a few clips from State of Play below and see what you think. Does Crowe’s performance make you want to see the movie, or has he lost that flame that got him so many Oscar nominations at the turn of the century?