How do you get away with remaking a movie as revered as Park Chan-wook's Oldboy? You hire a revered director to give it a completely different spin. We're still not totally sure what to expect from Spike Lee's upcoming remake of Oldboy, which puts Josh Brolin in the role of the man mysteriously imprisoned for 20 years, but Lee's career has taught us to expect something utterly unique. And that starts with this brand-new poster released today, which looks… absolutely nothing like the Korean original.

That's Brolin climbing out of the trunk, looking mighty clean-cut and purposeful for someone who has just broken out of a 20-year solitary confinement. And we assume that's Elizabeth Olsen standing in the background, holding a yellow umbrella with the hash marks that have been part of the marketing from the very beginning-- Olsen plays the young woman who helps Brolin's character in his quest to find out why he was imprisoned, a crucial role in the original film that we assume is just as major here. What's most intriguing of all is that we've been told this is an actual shot from the film, not a composite image, which means all the bizarre images-- the hash marks on the umbrella, the straw in Brolin's hand-- are part of the film. The scene in question is actually included in the film's new trailer, which will be debuting on Wednesday at Yahoo! Movies. So we won't have to wait much longer to figure out how it all works in context.

A few more tidbits-- the quirky script on the title is Brolin's actual handwriting, taken from the many letters he writes to his daughter during his imprisonment. And if you click on the poster to see it larger, you'll notice the line below the title says it's "A Spike Lee Film", not "A Spike Lee Joint," the term he's given nearly all of his other films, and which was included on Oldboy's first poster. Are they trying to make this seem less like a Spike Lee movie? Is he just growing up and moving on from his youthful slang? It's not necessarily a meaningful detail, but interesting given how famous Lee is and how much we expect him to put his stamp on this remake.

One final question-- where's Sharlto Copley? He's set to play the main villain, a fascinating part that could change in any number of ways in this remake, but ought to give the District 9 star a chance to stretch into a different kind of performance. Here's hoping this poster doesn't mean he won't be present in tomorrow's trailer as well.

Oldboy was recently pushed back slightly to an October 25 release date, facing off against yet another Paranormal Activity movie (they're on the fifth one!) But if Lee's version of Oldboy is half as unsettling as the original, it will be the real Halloween movie to catch. Come back on Wednesday for your first look at the film when the trailer debuts, and click here for everything else we know about it so far.

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