People always think of Kirk as Star Trek’s ladies man, but back in the 60s and 70s when the show first debut, among female fans it was Spock that made them swoon. Chicks dig exotic looking dudes so if he’s smart, New Spock Zachary Quinto will carry his pointed ears with him to his next project: a romantic dramedy.

THR says Quinto’s attached to a new Canadian indie film called Whirligig, in which he’ll play the lead. There’s no final deal here and it’s entirely possibly he may jump on something else as his between Treks project, but for now he has his sights set on the movie with a maple leaf flag.

If he takes it, Quinto will play a man who attempts to woo an older woman. This is described by THR as “misguided”, I guess because THR believes that once a woman gets old enough to grow a mustache she no longer needs love. Shame on them. But for whatever reason Quinto is chasing the skirt of an older lady and, in the process, befriends her adopted son. Yes, that is the plot of a movie. Hopefully her son has a starship or something.

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