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Spy Trailer: Melissa McCarthy's 007 Spoof Is Action-Packed And Hysterical

The James Bond tuxedo can be tailored to fit just about anyone. That’s the takeaway from Paul Feig’s extremely funny 007 spoof Spy, which turns Melissa McCarthy into an unconventional field agent for the CIA. The film’s first trailer just dropped, so check it out below.

Once known as Susan Cooper because that’s the name of McCarthy’s semi-boring character, Spy follows this marginalized desk agent into the field when her lethal partner (played with a wink by Jude Law) is compromised. Susan is tasked with tracking and reporting back on a bevy of international baddies, from the vexing Rose Byrne to the menacing Babby Cannavale. Along the way, she is assisted by action icons Jason Statham, Will Yun Lee and… rapper 50 Cent?

Spy took its talents to South By earlier, and emerged as a hot ticket thanks to a rollicking screening at the famed Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin. Spy even was sandwiched in between Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck and a surprise midnight screening of Furious 7, and is STILL lit up Twitter with positive feedback.

I can understand why. I was lucky enough to catch an early screening of Spy, and it’s an ideal send-up of the James Bond formula, poking fun at the time-tested clichés of the spy genre while never forgetting to operate as a comedy first. Spy doesn’t make the mistake of ever taking itself too seriously, and Melissa McCarthy proves to be an excellent fit for an untested field agent who just needs a supportive push from her negative superior (Allison Janney, stealing every scene).

This should come as no real surprise. McCarthy broke out big time under Paul Feig’s tutelage in the mainstream smash Bridesmaids, following that up with the money maker The Heat. And though the comedian faltered a bit while striking out on her own in films like Tammy and Identity Thief, she and Feig extend their win streak with the consistently hilarious Spy.

All eyes may be on Spy this summer because curious patrons want to see what Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy do next. They have a little project known as the Ghostbusters reboot on their docket. Feig has said that he wants that movie to be as scary as it is funny, and I’ll be very curious to see how they find that balance. But for now, put Spy on your radar for when it opens on June 5. It is yet another very funny exercise from a director who really seems to have found his comedic muse.

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