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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have made it a habit of teaming up in their old(er) age, from reliving the glory days of the Planet Hollywood experiment to launching all-star Expendables missions with every action star under the sun. Their latest collaboration, Escape Plan, pits the hulking heroes behind enemy lines in an elaborate prison of Sly’s design. The movie’s due in theaters shortly, and is ramping up its campaign with a series of television spots that landed on YouTube.

“I’m gonna burn this place to the ground,” Stallone promises, and he isn’t joking. As I noted in my Escape Plan reaction piece (following a fan-driven early screening at San Diego Comic-Con in July), director Mikael Håfström crafts a hard-hitting, knuckle-baring film that has plenty of modern touches.

Still, I adore the old-school concept behind Escape Plan, which feels like it very easily could have been made and released in the ‘80s, when these two action giants were hammering home hit after hit with basic, stripped-down, low-concept thrillers like this. Unapologetically, to boot. This clip, "Three Things", spells out everything you need to know about Escape Plan before going in:

Escape Plan once went by the cool, recognizable title of The Tomb. Despite the name shift, the film’s still worth your time, particularly if you used to worship at the altar of the types of movies Stallone and Schwarzenegger made in their heyday. The movie opens in theaters on Oct. 18.

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