Stan Lee's New Project Annihilator Brings Us A Chinese Captain America

Scenario: You’re a movie producer. You ask Stan Lee for an idea. Lee writes some notes down on a napkin, but mixes it up with his used handkerchief and gives you that instead. You turn the handkerchief into a three-picture deal and make a few million, because Stan Lee is like the King Midas of popular fiction. Everything he touches will at least turn into a movie pitch. His next project, however, isn’t necessarily a sure shot with American audiences, but the international appeal looms large.

The Wrap reports that Annihilator, a superhero action film based on the latest of Lee’s creations, will be produced by Barry Josephson and Magic Storms Entertainment. Josephson, more recently known for Bones, was an executive producer on The Tick, so he knows a little something about superheroes, albeit silly ones.

Annihilation follows Ming, a Chinese expatriate who goes the Captain America route of going through the U.S. super soldier program which, you guessed it, gives him super powers that draw from his expertise in martial arts. Beyond the personal drama that will no doubt be heaped upon him, Ming must also battle a villain who, to quote the story, “will destroy everything that he knows and loves.” Considering Beijing’s current pollution problem, perhaps that villain will be the Smog Monster.

The screenplay was written by Dan Gilroy, who wrote Real Steel, The Fall, and the “merely pretty good” Bourne spinoff/sequel. Gilroy based his script on a treatment Lee wrote. Everyone sounds excited about the project. "Dan's story and character is unlike anything I have developed before," Lee added. "So I wait with intrigue as we begin to reveal more details about the 'Annihilator' franchise and to hear what audiences think as they immerse themselves into his world through the film."

Meanwhile, Josephson gets payoff on a lifelong dream. "One of my dreams when I became a producer was to work with Stan Lee," Josephson said. "Now with Dan Gilroy's magnificent script, that dream will become a reality."

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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