Marvel Legends Honor Stan Lee On His 100th Birthday As Disney+ Teases A 2023 Documentary On The Way

It has been just over four years since Marvel icon Stan Lee died, but his legacy lives on and will for generations. The characters that Lee helped to create at Marvel Comics propel stories on Disney+, fuel narratives in the comics, and populate all of the anticipated upcoming Marvel movies that will arrive during the studio’s Phases 5 and 6. December 28 was Stan Lee’s birthday, and in honor of his legacy, several Marvel legends past and present (and maybe future) shared warm messages… while Disney revealed plans for an upcoming documentary. 

The first Tweet was posted by the grandson of Jack Kirby, who collaborated with Stan Lee on numerous Marvel books. His Tweet shared a letter Lee sent to Kirby that no one has seen until now.

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The next post came from James Gunn, a filmmaker who started to grow at Marvel, the House That Stan Lee Built, but has since shifted his focus to DC Comics. Still, Gunn has Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming in 2023, and had this to say about his friend.

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And it’s hardly a Marvel birthday celebration without Kevin Smith weighing in. Smith cast Stan Lee as himself in the comedy Mallrats, leading to an incredible cameo that featured a wonderful scene with Jason Lee. Their collaboration led to a wonderful Mallrats reference in Captain Marvel, which left Smith a blubbering mess when he saw it in theaters. Anyway, here’s Smith’s birthday wish to Stan Lee:

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The love for Stan Lee even extended outside of the Marvel realm, as Dwayne Johnson – a walking superhero and the one-time Black Adam – shouted out the man who kick started it all, Tweeting:

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On the celebration of Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, Marvel Entertainment announced that a documentary will be coming to Disney+ this year. The trailer for the feature is posted below:

We’ll never forget Stan Lee, or the characters he gifted us over the years. And now we anticipate the documentary that will be arriving on the streaming service later this year.

Sean O'Connell
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